Interactive Speech Associates - speech therapy located in Wilmette Illinois

Offering a family-centered, play-oriented speech therapy program, Interactive Speech Associatesí certified speech-language pathologists provide comprehensive pediatric speech therapy services. We work with children from birth through 18 years of age helping to develop communication skills and specialize in one-on-one individual therapy to meet the developmental needs of each child. Achieving age-appropriate speech, language, social and emotional skills is essential before a child reaches kindergarten. Starting speech therapy early builds confidence in children allowing them to reach their full potential.
Successful treatment programs are the result of therapists, teachers, parents and physicians joining forces. Our therapy uses play with a purpose to work with children to enhance both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Research shows that pre-speech infants and children have the intelligence to communicate thoughts and needs. For this reason, we often introduce sign language to children and their families as a means to teach spoken words.

Centrally located in Wilmette Illinois we are a easy drive from Evanston, Skokie, Glenview and Chicago's north shore.



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